XPath Studio - First Cut

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I have just uploaded the first cut of my mini-project ‘XPath Studio’. This project is a small site that lets you choose a URL to a source webpage, and run any XPath query against it - showing the data that is returned from the query.

At the moment this blog has an issue with images so I cannot upload screenshots, but in the next few days they'll be there. Until then, you can try out XPath Studio by visiting:


The project is ASP .NET MVC 4, with Razor. I've stripped out the bulk of the styling that's provided by default, and layed it out with Twitter Bootstrap.

This is the first time that I've used Bootstrap and already have decided that it'll be my first choice for web applications, at least those in the proof of concept phase. The library is lightweight, easy to use, clean and simple.

More updates on XPath Studio will come over the next few days, as I tweak the core functionality based on feedback.