Migrating from Ghost to Hugo - Why Bother?

With a little bit of free time for a change, I decided to finally migrate my blog from Ghost to a static site generator. I’ve been putting this off because it’s one of those things that I knew would take longer than I’d expect, and to be honest, it it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. So, Why Bother? Reason 1 - I write in vim Reason 2 - I backup on GitHub Reason 3 - My workflow sucks for images Reason 4 - I have two sources of truth Reason 5 - I want to allow people to contribute Reason 6 - I don’t want to manage a server Reason 7 - I need to learn how do this Reason 8 - Static Sites are Fast and Simple Picking a Generator Jekyll Gatsby Hugo The Migration Process Automating Build and Deploy Changing Front Matter to YAML Normalising Newlines Restructuring the Content Bringing the images to the posts Was It Worth It?
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