Tips and Tricks for Beautifully Simple Mobile App CI

In this article I’m going to demonstrate some simple tips and tricks which will help you build and maintain beautifully simple mobile build pipelines. These techniques can be applied to different mobile app technologies and integrated into almost any build system: Each tip is demonstrated in the sample apps in the dwmkerr/beautifully-simple-app-ci repo. The Challenges of Mobile App CI Tip 1 - Embrace Makefiles for Consistency Tip 2 - Control Version Numbers with a ‘Touch’ Command Tip 3 - Control App Icons with a ‘Label’ Command Tip 4 - Support Configurable App Ids Tip 5 - Document, Document, Document Conclusion The Challenges of Mobile App CI Conceptually, a mobile app CI pipeline is pretty simple:
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Moving from React + Redux to Angular 2

I’ve just finished working on a very large project written in React and Redux. The whole team were new to both and we loved them. I’m going to share my experiences of experimenting in Angular 2 with you, from the point of view of someone who needs a pretty compelling reason to move away from my JSX and reducers. The Journey So Far Let me highlight a few key moments in my UI development experiences, to give a bit of context to my ramblings.
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Getting Started with React & ES6

Feeling like having a go with Facebook’s hugely popular React framework but not sure where to start? In this post I’m going to build a simple React application from scratch - using ECMAScript 6. We’ll put together the bare minimum skeleton of a site and keep the folder structure free of noise and clutter so that you can focus on the app code and not the tooling! The simple app we’ll build is at github.
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