Integrating OpenShift and Splunk for Docker Container Logging

In this article I'm going to show you how to set up OpenShift to integrate with Splunk for logging in a Docker container orchestration environment. These techniques could easily be adapted for a standard Kubernetes installation as well! The techniques used in this article are based on the Kubernetes Logging Cluster Administration Guide. I also found Jason Poon's article Kubernetes Logging with Splunk very helpful. First, clone the Terraform AWS OpenShift repo:
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Get up and running with OpenShift on AWS

OpenShift is Red Hat's platform-as-a-service offering for hosting and scaling applications. It's built on top of Google's popular Kubernetes system. Getting up and running with OpenShift Online is straightforward, as it is a cloud hosted solution. Setting up your own cluster is a little more complex, but in this article I'll show you how to make it fairly painless. The repo for this project is at: Creating the Infrastructure OpenShift has some fairly specific requirements about what hardware it runs on1.
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