While the mobile phone market has long been based upon continuing hardware development, things are now changing and companies are having to keep up. The focus of the smartphone market is now moving towards software, rather than hardware and Samsung are taking note of this change. The South Korean technology company have decided to increase their game in order to be able to successfully compete with American technology giant, Apple. To do this, Samsung need to alter the way they create their products, by developing their own software as well as hardware.

Samsung have begun to recruit software engineers, mostly in India, with the intention of being able to start developing their own software and thus staying at the top of the market. While many people consume data through Apple products, such as talking to business customers on their iPhones or playing partycasino.com on their Mac computers, Samsung still have a good share of the mobile phone market. They are hoping that they will be able to create software to compete successfully with the iPhone, which is known for always being ahead of the game.

This move by Samsung to not only develop their own hardware, but their own software as well is a positive one for the company. They have announced that they are now open to mergers, as they are looking to combine with high-quality research and development companies.

The fact that Samsung’s own software ‘Bada’ has failed to become popular by consumers in the past, means that they have been running most of their devices on Google’s Android. Their plan now is to continue with this arrangement as well as working with several other software types and developing their own in the future. After Samsung overtook Nokia as leading phone manufacturer, their confidence no doubt increased and these new developments are only set to raise their prominence in the smartphone market.