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I'm on holiday at the moment, back in sunny England. Holiday may not be the right term really, I'm mostly working through charity stuff (for my charity Namaste - Children's Homes Nepal) and company administration. I'm also starting working on a big new project, which is pretty exciting.

Anyway, I got a nice message from a fellow coder George Hahn who has put together a pretty cool project that lets you send files directly to Trello as an attachment to a card, or even as a new card. Here's a screenshot of it in action:


It's a nice project, you can check it out on GitHub:

What's also cool about this project is that it's the first project that someone's told me about that uses SharpShell. Many people have got in touch with me about SharpShell (in fact, the SharpShell Context Menus article on the CodeProject is very popular), but so far this is the first real-world project where the writer got in touch after the project is completed.

Thanks George, I look forward to seeing what else you're working on!