ConsoleControl and Happy Coders

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Sometimes I write up an article and some code on the CodeProject and get a good response, other times it seems an article sinks beneath the waves without any notice. Looking over some emails the other day, I noticed that my ConsoleControl article had actually received a slow and steady response of extremely positive feedback - people are using it and suggesting improvements.


This is great, it's one of the things I love about the community of developers that I'm part of. So I decided to try and put a bit more back with ConsoleControl. I've moved the source code to GitHub, so that anyone can fork it and work on it easily:

I've bulked out the file with some more information and am working in the documentation. I've also added ConsoleControl to Nuget - you can install it for WinForms or WPF with the commands below:

PM> Install-Package ConsoleControl

PM> Install-Package ConsoleControl.WPF

Finally, I'm blogging about it here. It's great to see people using a project like this, it's rare for me to share comments like the ones below, but I must say I was touched by:

This is just about borderline genius. - Gerben Rampaart Brilliant. So easy to use and works flawlessly. - Sukar I saw similar controls - but yours is outstanding - I love it! BTW: Very nice coding (style, comments) - 5ed! - johannesnestler

To finish off this post, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's commented, suggested improvements and shared their experiences with the code, it's a great feeling when you share something and it seems that people benefit from it. If you've used the code and want to share ideas for improvements or feedback, email, comment or hit the GitHub page or CodeProject article.