Come on MS - Improve MFC

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C# Visual Studio MFC

Loads of developers still use MFC. OK - if you're writing a new project, MFC would not be a great choice. But what if you're maintaining a 1.5 million line MFC app? 

MFC support in Visual Studio has barely improved since VC++ 6.0 - in fact its got worse. Their cursory attempt to show an effort by adding support for the Ribbon Control with the MFC feature pack was not enough. Why can we still not properly use tab controls in the dialog editor?

Those who use MFC are probably supporting big enterprise applications - for a long time now we've been neglected. Please vote for more MFC support in Visual Studio Uservoice below:

Will they listen? Chances are not - unless lots of people vote. But I'd really like to see some effort on this, it's a technology still used by many.

It would be interesting to see a survey of enterprise applications - and what they're written in. It'd be interesting to then compare this to how well MS support that platform. MS will put lots of efforts into what they think that developers should be using - but how well are they supporting their real customers who are creating real products?