Build Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub and More!

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Recently I've been working on a small project called Build Buttons. Build Buttons is a website that let's you quickly create buttons for sharing and promoting content. You can use Build Buttons to create Facebook ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ buttons, LinkedIn ‘Share’ buttons, Google +1 buttons, GitHub Star, Fork and Follow buttons and more. Here's how it works.

First, go to

Build Buttons

Now choose the kind of buttons you want, in this example we'll select ‘Social Media’ from the top menu:

Social Media Buttons

On each category page, there's a list of the different types of buttons that can be built. Social Media includes the ‘Share’ button set. Click ‘Build It!':

Social Media Button Settings

Now just fill in the details to customise your buttons, enter a URL and select the sort of buttons you want to include. When you're ready to see how your buttons look, choose ‘Build it!':

Build Buttons Results

You get a working preview of how your buttons look, and a text box that includes the HTML you need to drop into your webpage or blog, easy!

Build Buttons has quite a few different types of buttons you can create. You can:

  • Create a set of social media buttons
  • Create Facebook Like and Follow buttons
  • Create Google +1 buttons
  • Create LinkedIn Share buttons
  • Create GitHub Star, Follow and Fork buttons